About stacktile

We're building software to help teams more quickly and easily understand devops tools and techniques and put them into practice

The team

Dan Levin picture

Dr. Dan Levin


Dan received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from TU Berlin in 2014 and has over 8 years of experience designing, analyzing, and operating networked systems. He likes Zsh and plays the cello.

Michael Martinides picture

Michael Martinides


Mike has over 10 years of experience in business development, sales, and project management. He's an expert at judo and also plays the cello.

Amr Osman picture

Amr Osman

Software Engineer

Amr has over five years of experience in professional software development. He's considering playing the cello, someday.

Fabian Schaffer picture

Fabian Schaffert

Software Engineer

Fabian is a professional software developer with over 6 years of experience building software in diverse professional and academic contexts. He is cello-agnostic and we're comfortable with that.

Roberto Simões picture

Roberto Simões

Lead Designer

Roberto has been designing products over the past 15 years for small and large companies like LG Electronics and IBM. He thinks cellos sound nice.

Marco Canini picture

Marco Canini Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

Marco is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the Université catholique de Louvain and is an expert on techniques and software tools for improving the reliability of distributed systems. He's a master of complexity, but doesn't play the cello.

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